International internship online

Scientific internship
for teachers
higher education institutions of Ukraine

Innovative teaching methods and programs in higher education

Opportunities for integration into the international academic community

January 5 - February 16, 2024

180 hours (6 ECTS)

professional translation
in Ukrainian

professional translation
in Ukrainian

International internship online

Scientific internship
for teachers
higher education institutions of Ukraine

5.01 - 16.02 2024

180 hours

Innovative teaching methods and programs in higher education

Opportunities for integration into the international academic community

For teachers

For managers

Shaping new thinking

About internship

The main advantage of the Canadian educational system is its practical orientation and compliance with modern business requirements. At a time when the national education system has problems with adapting curricula to the real challenges of the labor market and academic orientation of education.

During the internship, you will gain new knowledge and learn from the experience of Canadian colleagues to adapt educational processes in your universities to the economy and the modern labor market, introduce new practical teaching new practical, and effectively develop distance learning.

Process organization and methodology

You will gain an understanding of how to develop relevant educational programs, organize educational processes, student internships to meet the needs of today's market

Scientific research, globalization

You will get acquainted with how the following are organized: student exchange, scientific base, research funding

Innovations and distance education

Digitalization of the learning process, development of online programs, multimedia tools for practical and interesting education


Canadian colleagues will share methods of motivating students to study and participate in scientific activities, as well as interesting non-traditional teaching methods

Best practices

Why exactly Thompson Rivers

TRU is one of Canada’s leading reputable universities, where market orientation, research and innovation have traditionally been a successful strategy in developing curricula. The university has ties with leading businesses in many states of Canada and international student exchange with top-ranked universities around the world. This makes it possible to train specialists with advanced knowledge and skills that meet the needs of regional business. TRU has a consistently high rating of satisfaction with the quality of graduate education among employers. More than 90% of graduates are immediately employed.

We don't see online learning media as a set of buttons to be pushed or tools to be used. In addition to technology, we are always trying to find new ways to creatively use tools to meet teaching and learning needs.

Effective training programs

which involve a combination of scientific research, the latest pedagogical methods and practical training in an inclusive environment

Scientific research

TRU has a successful track record of strategic research planning for 10 years and managing large budgets for applied research in response to community needs in the context of global challenges


TRU's Learning Technologies and Innovations (LT&I) team specializes in advising teachers on the use of innovative technologies and artificial intelligence in online education. It has a distance learning platform for 60 training programs, Open Lerning

15000 +
online programs
CAD/year for scientific research
0 mln

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and ICEA International Revolutionize Education Worldwide Amid Ukraine’s Ongoing Conflict

In the world of education, countless passionate educators, often holding advanced degrees, dedicate themselves to providing top-tier instruction to their students. However, this unwavering dedication can sometimes lead to a sense of isolation among teaching professionals. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has disrupted traditional teaching methods and necessitated innovative approaches to program delivery for Ukrainian students. In response to this need for change, ICEA International has initiated a groundbreaking collaboration with Ukrainian partner institutions, resulting in the launch of an enlightening online webinar series.

ICEA International is proud to announce a strong and supportive partnership with Thompson Rivers University (TRU), recognized as a global leader in higher education. TRU distinguishes itself by offering a substantial number of online degree programs, solidifying its status as a prominent institution on the international academic stage. As part of this collaborative spirit in the field of education, TRU generously shared its extensive knowledge and experience with Ukrainian colleagues, reinforcing their shared commitment to participation in Education Integration and Innovation projects.

Collaboration among educators is instrumental in facilitating an exchange of insights, the development of cohesive educational plans, and effective cooperation. The response from participants in our webinars reflects the significant impact of these educational initiatives. An impressive 76% of participants have expressed their dedication to implementing the newly acquired knowledge and skills, while an even more remarkable 82% have reported the development of higher-order thinking capabilities.

This endeavor not only enriches TRU’s array of international education offerings but also positions the institution at the forefront of creating online opportunities for professional development. As both ICEA and TRU continue to expand their horizons, their commitment to fostering international collaboration and advancing global education remains unwavering.

The impact of this collaboration extends far beyond Ukraine’s borders. In January 2024, ICEA and TRU opened a series of webinars available to educators from different countries, providing a platform for global educators to engage with these innovative resources. For more information about these webinars and future opportunities, please contact ceo@iceainternational.com

Certificate for each participant

About Certificate

The certificate confirms the completion of a scientific and pedagogical internship in an OECD country for the academic title of associate professor, professor and senior researcher in accordance with Ukrainian law. This is also in line with the provisions of the relevant resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the internal requirements of Ukrainian higher education institutions

Regulatory documents to which the certificate complies

  • Resolution No. 656 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 19, 2015. "Some Issues of Implementation of Article 54 of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" (as amended in 2016-2018).
  • Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 13 dated 14.01.2016 "On Approval of the Procedure for Conferring Academic Titles on Research and Scientific and Pedagogical Employees" (internships that confirm their international experience with documents, in particular, an internship in a higher education institution in an OECD country)
  • the provisions of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 411 dated April 13, 2011. "Issues of training of students and internships of postgraduate students, adjuncts and doctoral students, researchers and scientific and pedagogical staff in leading higher education institutions and research institutions abroad"
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 579 of August 12, 2015. "On Approval of the Regulation on the Procedure for Exercising the Right to Academic Mobility"
  • internal regulatory documents of Ukrainian higher education institutions on the organization of the educational process for postgraduate students (applicants for higher education at the doctoral level) for postgraduate or doctoral studies
Leading experts in the field of education


Join the internship program with leading experts in higher education and expand your competencies. Turn your university into a center for the formation of an effective modern elite and simply happy people

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Participation fee: 185 €

With translation - € 195

January 5

Iryna Kobets

Introduction to the training. Schedule and conditions for certification.

January 12, 19

Dr. John Churchly

Government projects, programs and opportunities in the context of Canadian postgraduate education. Unconventional teaching methods

January 26

Dr. Karen Densky

Relations with faculties and specialized departments in the context of education abroad.

February 2

Myroslav Burik

Scientific research and publication of its results

Iryna Kobets

Opportunities for international cooperation

February 9, 16

Brenna Clarke Gray

The use of digital learning tools in the organization of the educational process. Basic principles of academic integrity

How it happened

Teachers' internships - 2023

This year, ICEA, together with experts from leading Canadian universities such as Thompson Rivers University and Kwantlen Politechnic, developed and conducted an online internship for Ukrainian educators for the first time. It was a very productive and busy month. Ukrainian teachers are already integrating the knowledge gained in practice at their universities.

You can see how it happened in the video and gallery of the event.

How it happened

Teachers' internships - 2018

In 2018, Go2Goal Inc. implemented the first academic teacher internship program in Toronto. We organized a 2-week academic internship in Canada for Ukrainian teachers with visits to leading universities, colleges and language schools. Participants studied new teaching methods and exchanged professional experience with representatives of Seneca College, Sheridan College, York University, and other educational institutions.

The program also included an exciting excursion program and trainings on topics such as learning management, motivational tools, critical thinking, and scholarships for international students.

The program participants improved their skills in educational management, lesson planning, and encouraging students to grow academically. We received a lot of positive feedback and decided to repeat the program. We believe that programs like this one will undoubtedly play an important role in shaping the next generation of educators in Ukraine.

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