ICEA Online Fair - Autumn 2024

Become a partner of a major educational event

2 days of live online presentations of EU, US and Canadian educational institutions for Ukrainian applicants

November 15-16, 2024

We invite you to take part in the VIII International Education Exhibition ICEA Online Fair 2024, where educational institutions from all over the world can meet Ukrainian students looking for opportunities to study abroad

Find motivated applicants

Benefits of participating in the ICEA Online Fair

2 months of active marketing campaign

The exhibition's media plan includes:

  • 2 months of advertising campaign in Google AdWords,
  • SMM promotion,
  • online promo webinars
  • offline seminar for the local audience
  • working with our own client base

Over 25 years we have been developing educational and training programs for Ukrainian students, so we understand the needs of different student groups and always know what to offer for their success. Our marketing strategy effectiveness is based on understanding the needs of the target audience, data analysis of previous campaigns, statistical and sociological data

Direct contact with the target audience

This is an opportunity to present your educational institution to a number of motivated Ukrainians actively looking for the opportunities of studying abroad. Our advertising campaign welcomes an audience from all the regions of Ukraine and other European countries where 15 millions of Ukrainians have been forced to emigrate.

Direct communication with applicants

You will be able to: discuss the benefits of your educational institution with potential students and their families; answer the questions about your country and educational institution; dispel the doubts of studying abroad. Surely, working directly with the students in friendly atmosphere will increase their level of trust to you and willingness to study with you

Brand recognition

We will place the information about your educational institution on the main landing page of the event and create a separate page on the ICEA website. Thus, hundreds of people will know about your educational institution because the entire flow of the target audience from advertising campaigns will be directed to the landing page

Current information about the education market

Participation in the event will allow you to keep abreast of the current trends and needs of Ukrainian applicants. This will help you present your educational institution to the audience emphasizing on the needs of potential students. You can adjust your offers for the audience living in conditions of ongoing war, insecurity, and regular power outages

Benefits of cooperation


The strength of our company is a high level of career guidance, life coaching, original leadership and soft skills training. This makes it possible to give well-prepared students to our partner educational institutions. Our students are fully prepared for the learning process in a new cultural environment. You get students who are motivated, have a good level of the language of instruction, and have sufficient academic and personal skills. Our students successfully graduate from their colleges and universities with high GPA and are ready to build a career contributing to the development of the economy in the host country

Our experience

ICEA has been providing educational advising services for over 25 years. It is one of the industry leaders. We have a working model of marketing strategy and a significant client base. Over the past 3 years, we have successfully organized 7 major online exhibitions, and helped hundreds of Ukrainian students to be enrolled to the partner educational institutions

Individual approach

We deeply analyze the educational programs of partner educational institutions and provide our clients with personalized career guidance counseling, offering the programs that match their abilities, preferences, and opportunities exactly. We make sure our students meet the academic requirements and have all they need for successful studying in a chosen program.

Comprehensive preparation of applicants

ICEA develops an individual study abroad plan for every student: through career guidance, language courses, soft skills training, and study tours. We also provide many related services to adapt students on-site so that nothing distracts them from their studies

Secure location and autonomy

ICEA is located in the heart of Ukraine, which is currently one of the safest regions in the country. We have an independent power supply, reliable Internet connection and trained technical staff. This allows you to plan online events of this format with us without any problems

ICEA Achievements and Results

ICEF Agency Status (IAS)

Crystal Globe + 3 awards from Premier Agency Business Awards (PABA) - being among the best educational agencies for 3 consecutive years

Member of EAQA: European Association of Quality Agencies

Accredited by FELCA: Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations

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What is included in the participation fee

A separate page of your university on the ICEA website

A page with detailed information about your educational institution will be presented in our ICEA catalog and always available to all visitors. We are constantly developing the website and increasing its popularity

A separate block on the exhibition landing page

The space for placing your logo and short description of your institution on the main page of the exhibition, where the target audience flow from the exhibition advertising company will be directed

Information about the educational institution in promotional materials

Your educational programs and special offers will be previewed in promo webinars and offline seminars preceding the exhibition, and presented in the Student Guide Book developed specially for the exhibition

1 hour presentation and Q&A + recording

We give you the opportunity to have a 1 hour live online presentation and Q&A session with potential students at the time you choose. We give you informational support of ICEA managers during your presentation and make the recording of your presentation to use in future recruitment campaigns on your behalf.


Professional ICEA interpreters work with you to ensure free communication with the audience in English/Ukrainian.


Get involved to ICEA Online Fair 2024

Reserve the best time slot for your presentation at ICEA Online Fair 2024 today!
Post information about your educational institution before the start of the PR campaign.

Our special offers for sponsors

Support Ukrainians by scholarship

The war has turned Ukrainians’ interest in education abroad into an urgent need. In recent years, we were proud to present the Special Offers from our partner educational institutions for talented Ukrainian youth who find it difficult to pay the standard price. 100% of universities and colleges presenting Special Offers to Ukrainian students on the fair find their students. These can be grants, scholarships, domestic fees, etc. We are grateful if you find an opportunity to support us and provide discounts for talented Ukrainian youth.

Our company guarantees Special Offers for sponsoring universities:

  • premium time slots for presentations,
  • an additional block on the landing page,
  • double attention in PR events: promo webinars and SMM campaigns.

From year to year students from Ukraine demonstrate impressive academic and sport achievements, high motivation for studying, readiness to volunteer and take part in social projects. Our clients – young and motivated people who will contribute to the economic development and social leadership in their host countries, having the opportunity to realize their own potential in safe space.

Join the ICEA online Fair with your own Special Offer! Every opportunity you create for the development of a successful and fulfilled personality is an investment in the society’s prosperity and harmonization that surely takes us to the peace on the planet.

Why you should take part in ICEA Online Fair in the autumn of 2024

Double marketing campaign

The media plan for the fall exhibition includes:

  • 2 months of advertising campaign in Google AdWords, instead of one
  • a qualitative and quantitative strengthening of SMM campaign,
  • 3 online promo webinars
  • For the first time! We will hold 1 offline seminar for the local target audience before the event

Increase in the company's website ranking by 50%

The information about your educational institution can be seen by at least 50% more audience

Increased demand for education abroad

In 2024, the demand for international education in Ukraine increased significantly due to the increase in shelling of Ukrainian cities, power blackouts etc. Amidst the ongoing war, energy crisis, and economic instability, Ukrainian students are seeking a safer place for studying

Expanding the target audience in the region

More and more talented young people from the big frontline cities contact us seeking for studying opportunities. They think about post-secondary education abroad and need guidance to choose the best pathway. More and more families relocate deeper in-land. This encouraged our team to hold large-scale offline events in our region leading to the expansion of our client audience

What has changed

Dynamics of previous exhibitions

In recent years, there has been a projected increase in demand for education abroad, as demonstrated by the graphs for 2023-2024. After all, Ukrainians don’t have the opportunity to study in a safe and supportive environment. Some higher educational institutions in Ukraine have been destroyed. The destruction of the country’s energy potential and constant power outages for 4-7 hours make the studying process even more complicated.

The growth in the number of registrations at the last ICEA online Fair is explained by the audience’s increased interest in the special offers from our partner education institutions. We are grateful to all supporting us!

Due to the war and forced emigration, the quality of the client audience has also changed. We observe an increase in the number of mature students. The vast majority of our students are still choosing post-secondary programs. However, apprenticeship programs became more popular. The number of people wishing to evaluate their diploma or upgrade their education increases too. There is a special category of highly educated students looking for their MBA or PhD programs. More and more students get interested in online programs.

Results 2021-2024

VII exhibition 2024

I exhibition 2021

Behind the scenes

How it happened

A few years ago, the ICEA team gathered a number of educational institutions from 3 continents, hundreds of potential students and their parents in one online exhibition format.

Every year we slightly change the format of the exhibition to meet the needs of our students and our partners. Thus, in 2021, we presented the list of careers of the future according to experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

With the outbreak of the war, many Ukrainian families had to build a new life in immigration. Thus, we popularized short training programs for professionals to take them to the labor market as soon as possible.

Today, our international partners give extraordinary support to us providing grants, scholarships, and special offers for Ukrainian students. At the last 2 ICEA exhibitions, pathway programs for Ukrainians were presented for the first time, and these programs were predicted to be in high demand.

Thanks to our partners, hundreds of students from Ukraine have found their educational pathway, enrolled in colleges and universities and making their progress following the ICEA Roadmap.

How it all happened

Video from ICEA online Fair 2021-2023