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Partnership wellbeing – at the heart of our bisiness.

The war turned Ukrainians’ interest in education abroad into an urgent need. As experience has shown, online fairs have become the most effective tool for getting to know potential applicants with educational institutions. ICEA has already held 4 such fairs in 1.5 years, after which hundreds of children went and continue to go to study at foreign educational institutions.

Our company is always looking for interesting educational offers for Ukrainians. Therefore, we are inviting educational institutions from all over the world to become a partner and participate in the upcoming ICEA online Fair

How it works

Partnership wellbeing - at the heart of our business

The activities of our company are aimed at the development and realization of the uniqueness of each person, and the well-being of our customers and partners.

We help Ukrainian youth and specialists to decide and take real steps towards realizing their potential by acquiring a sought-after specialty in foreign educational institutions. For this purpose, we deeply study the specifics of partner educational institutions and ensure efficiency in every part of the process

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For 25 years, ICEA has been a stable and reliable partner in the provision of educational services in an international format. Establishing ethical, transparent and fruitful partnership relations is our priority. We deeply study the educational programs of the educational institutions with which we work and conduct private close career guidance consultations with potential students, preparing them for studies in advance at the chosen higher education institution. Therefore, they can withstand the educational process from the first to the last year.

When children come to study - they are provided with everything and already partially adapted, they know the language, their life is arranged, they have the necessary academic skills - in short, they can fully focus directly on their studies, achieve results for themselves, the educational institution and contribute to the development of the economy in the country, in which are located.

Deciding to study in a foreign language environment far from home is not an easy decision. Moving is quite stressful. Therefore, our specialists consistently prepare applicants and their parents. We conduct:

  • consulting and personal coaching,
  • language intensive courses
  • soft skill coaching
  • trips and camps

High professionalism, motivated employees, a friendly stable team that has been working since the company was founded, loves children and knows its work, is constantly learning (including abroad), develops, is able to think outside the box and act adaptively to the situation, outsourcing of highly qualified narrow specialists - what makes ICEA an effective team

For 25 years of work in this market, we have been monitoring the interests and needs of Ukrainian youth. Children develop and mature before our eyes, so we understand them well and always know what to offer right now. Our marketing strategy is based on knowledge of these needs.

Our advertising campaign covers all regions of Ukraine and European countries, where more than 11.5 million Ukrainians have moved and found their homes there during the war.

In addition, we carefully analyze the results of our activities, rely on statistical and sociological data to plan educational events. And we definitely share the results of our research with our partners, we implement measures to increase the efficiency of our activities, so that every person who comes to us can realize his/her uniqueness.


Results of previous exhibitions

The rapid growth in the demand for education abroad in 2022, as shown by the graphs in the 2nd and 3rd exhibits, caused by the war. After all, now Ukrainians cannot fully study in safety, some have even physically lost their chosen university.

Therefore, we are infinitely grateful to our foreign partners for providing special conditions for studying Ukrainians in their universities. This contributed to the increase in the number of training registrations at the last 2 ICEA online Fairs, which we held already during the war.

The majority of public applicants are now registering for bachelor’s programs and short-term professional programs, after which students will be able to work immediately. However, the number of those wishing to confirm their diploma, receive postgraduate education, master’s programs, and an MBA has also increased. We can say that we have added an older audience.

Therefore, our company now invites for partnership:

  • educational institutions where trendy professions are presented, which would ensure the competitiveness of young Ukrainian specialists.
  • Higher education institutions that can offer grant programs, scholarships for talented people from Ukraine who find it difficult to pay standard tuition fees – this would be a powerful support for people who need it

Results “ICEA online Fair”

First Fair

Second Fair

Third Fair

Fourth fair

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3 years in a row, the ICEA agency was among the top 7 and won bronze, silver and gold awards in the nomination "The Best Agency of the Year according to the version of the Premier Agency Business Awards (PABA)"

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ICEA online Educational Fair

A few years ago, the competent ICEA team created a space in the format of an online fair, where representatives of educational institutions from all over the world and Ukrainians interested in obtaining quality foreign education gather. Together with our partners, we always manage to offer the best conditions for training and adaptation of our applicants, as well as the most promising and newest professions.

Based on the experience of previous exhibitions, we slightly change the format of interaction between representatives of educational institutions and potential students, as well as the composition of participants.

It was a very fruitful event. Thanks to joint efforts, dozens of Ukrainians found their educational institution, according to their vocation.

Autumn 2021

First Educational Online Fair

In 2021, we held the first largest online fair, which was attended by representatives of educational institutions from all over the world.

At the fair in October 2021. For the first time, the ICEA team presented the career directions that were recognized as priorities for modern society during the economic forum in Davos.

2 days of online conferences in the format of presentations of educational institutions within the framework of 4 educational areas: engineering & IT, tourism, social sector, creative specialties and business.

The second half of the exhibition is a meeting of the representative of the educational institution with potential students. A round table with speakers at which specific cases of each of the interested participants were considered.

Spring 2022

ICEA online Educational Fair II

Despite the start of the war, the educational Online Fair 2022 took place as planned on March 11-12. In the first month of the war!

Our international partners showed invaluable tolerance and support by providing grants, scholarships, and special conditions for Ukrainian applicants, so we received a large number of requests for training and registered more students than last year. Adaptation programs for Ukrainians, which are expected to be incredibly popular, were presented for the first time at the fair.

Currently, even more applicants have found their educational institutions and are already making the first successes, following the “Roadmap” from ICEA. Thank you for your trust!

Autumn 2022

Video of Third ICEA online Fair 2022

Spring 2023

Video of from the IV exhibition ICEA online Fair 2023

Open for partnership

Join the V Education and Career Fair ICEA 2023

ICEA invites educational institutions from all over the world to join the partnership, which could teach Ukrainians relevant trendy professions and help them adapt in a new country, so that they can realize their own potential and contribute to the development of the economy and social values in the host countries.
We invite you to participate in the event and to offer special help, such as scholarships or/and discounts for the students. This will give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams, possibly the only dream of life. Many educational establishments are showing solidarity and support for our students. Become one of those leaders who show the whole world that the values of peace, justice and freedom are also important to you.

Thanks for your support!